Alarm clock Roosje

Sponsored by The 7th Chamber – Cats and their food. Sacred is the word that best describes the preceding sentence. Roosje, as well as 99% of all cats in the world, believes we are her personal, professional and dedicated staff. Her food (three times a day, FYI) not ready at 7 AM? Drama queen in the house! The worst part of the week are weekend mornings.

Felix cat food

Roosje is a cat with a manual. In the morning, she needs dry food soaked in water (because she doesn’t drink enough during the day. And yes, we have tried everything, even two cat fountains), at 5 PM she gets canned food (again with extra water) and at 8 PM, big chunks of dry food against plaque. Although all three feeding times are sacred, it is especially during the morning that she can act like a spoiled brat. If the soaking of her kibbles takes too long, she starts meowing incessantly, first quite cute, followed by some aggressive tones and ending in menacing, plaintive language. At the slightest move I make towards the kitchen, she takes a sprint to the counter where her kibbles stand (as if I don’t know where they are located…). After her food is served, she eats 10 kibbles. Really. Then she entertains herself with looking out of a window (let’s say for half an hour), after which she will eat the rest of her breakfast. Why?! Half an hour of complaining, just to eat 10 kibbles. 10.

Alarm clock Roosje

Get up human – Is that my food? – I like you – Give me that food!

During the weekends it’s even more fun (yeah right…): 8 o’clock is the overturning moment. If there is still no food in front of her at that point, she starts with a morning walk on our bed. Not wild, not aggressive. No, quite calmly she runs laps on the bed, often accompanied with some purring sounds. Very sweet – until you move one leg in order to get out of bed. Then she takes a sprint towards the kitchen again. Fortunately, her I-want-food activities stop there. She does not do such crazy things like the Felix cat you can see in the video below … Do you have a cat at home? If so, does he or she wakes you up for his or her breakfast? Alarm clock Roosje

And oh, don’t you think the Felix cat resembles Roosje a lot? For more fluffy video material you can visit the Felix YouTube page.